Rest stop

Rest stop

"Tsugaru Shirakami"

Beech Nishimeya

Rest stop "Tsugaru Shirakami"
/Beech Nishimeya

"Beech Nishimeya" is a direct sales store located at the center of Nishimeya village. Since opening in 1998, many tourists from Japan and overseas have visited the facility.
Furthermore, in November 2017, a visitor information center was established and "Beech Nishimeya" was registered as the 28th rest stop "Tsugaru Shirakami" in Aomori Prefecture.

"Beech Nishimeya" has a wide selection of local food, and a visitor information center for sightseeing in and around Nishimeya. It also has several unique shops where you can purchase souvenirs. Please visit us when you come to Nishimeya village.

Direct sales store for farm products

Local specialties / SouvenirsDirect sales store for farm products

Sales section: For the sale of seasonal specialities and products from Shirakami and Nishimeya.

Business HoursApril - October; 9:00 - 17:00
November - March; 9:00 - 16:00

We accept credit cards


Mori-no-doa (A door to the forest)

RestaurantMori-no-doa (A door to the forest)

You can enjoy the local cuisine. Tsugaru-Dam Curry is quite popular.

Business HoursApril - October
Weekdays; 11:00 - 14:00, Saturday, Sunday and national holidays;11:00 - 15:00
November - March; 11:00 -14:00
*last order: 15 minutes before closing

Shirakami winery & Fresh honeyBeFavo

A Gerrard shop where you can top your gerrard with "Shirakami fresh honey" - collected in Nishimeya.

Business HoursApril - October; 10:00 -16:30
November - March; reduced business hours
Shirakami Roasting House

Cafe & roasting experienceShirakami Roasting House

A studio where you can experience the process of roasting coffee, with an opportunity to taste the “charcoal-roasted coffee.”

Business Hours11:00 - 15:00

We accept credit cards

Tsugaru Shirakami Tour

Visitor Information CenterTsugaru Shirakami Tour

About sightseeing in Shirakami Mountains and Nishimeya Village.
Make reservations for amphibious buses here.

Business Hours9:00 - 17:00
*Closed on Wednesdays
Aji na Kobo

Food processing centerAji na Kobo

Aji na Kobo is a factory that makes processed food using ingredients grown in Nishimeya Village.
Products made at Aji na Kobo can be purchased from the "farm products" direct store in Beech Nishimeya.


Nishimeya Village is located in the southwestern corner of Aomori Prefecture. Ninety three percent (93%) of the area is covered by forest. The village contains the Shirakami Mountains which is a Natural World Heritage Site. With the catchphrase "A World Heritage Village with a Fountainhead" We promote a community development that coexists in harmony with nature.

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